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Crash Landing On You 2 Happening Soon?

Crash Landing On You was one of the biggest hit Korean dramas of all time and fans are speculating a second season since it was distributed by Netflix.

Some fans are divided with their thoughts of the possibility of season 2 and some are just completely content with its ending.

There is also a petition online for Netflix and tvN to do the drama, gaining 1,672 over the goal of 2,500.

As of now, tvN and Netflix have yet to announce another season of Crash Landing of You and the possibility of it is quite low since it wasn’t Netflix that produced the drama alone and CLOY was aired also on cable television, unlike Kingdom and Love Alarm.

A lot of k-drama fans out there knew the dilemma of not having their favorite show renewed for a new season, especially when the ending didn’t give justice to the story and CLOY was one of them and people probably want to know what happens to Captain Ri and Yoon Seri after.

But usually, K-dramas don’t do another season. There might be some shows but they are rarely the famous ones and do not have the same cast and plot. It wouldn’t show a “happy ending”, and it is up to the viewers how they think it would turn out. K-drama got more realistic scenario’s in ending its story, and it’s not as cliché as people wanted to. 


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