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China has raised its flag on the Moon

Photo credits China National Space Administration

China has stretched out its flag on the moon making it the second country in the world to do so. It has been 50 years since the United States of America has

raised its flag through Apollo 11 in the year 1969.

The Chinese flag was raised before Chang’e 5 ascender has left the moon carrying lunar rock samples back to the Earth on December 3.

The photo shows a red flag with five stars standing at the moon’s surface that was taken by a space probe and was shared by China’s National Space Administration. The Chinese flag was 90 centimeters high and 2 meters wide and it almost weighed one kilo.

Li Yunfeng, the project leader also clarified that the flag is already protected from the very cold temperature. It was acknowledged that an ordinary flag on Earth could not survive the moon’s different environment.

Photo credits China National Space Administration


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