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Charles Deiparine

Charles Deiparine will surely inspire people with his story of hope, forgiveness, and love. Charles is a 29-year-old who is a nurse by profession. Because of his selflessness, compassion, passion for helping, and endless service, he was exposed to different infectious diseases and he is now diagnosed with Brian Abscess. Prior to this diagnosis, he also suffered from Pneumonia as a result of everyday usage of hazardous materials or Personal Protective Equipment.

Charles’s side story will also touch the hearts of many. He grew up with painful remnants of his past. At the age of 17, Charles who was supposed to enjoy his teenage years went through a very difficult phase of his life after his mother was shot dead by his father. In denial of what happened, Charles spent most of his days crying and felt shattered and devastated. Questions started to pop inside his head and he even questioned the existence of God. The overwhelming feeling of pain was understandable for Charles and he is always allowed to feel his pain. As a result of what happened, Charles became the breadwinner of his two younger siblings.

Precedent to what he is going through right now, he was a nurse in Cagayan de Oro City and was selflessly serving others in the field. However, he had to give up his profession because he was feeling so sick and he felt like his health was about to fail. His body felt so frail as he experienced fever and severe headache which caused his body to collapse. He was immediately rushed to the hospital and went through laboratory testing and MRI. Unexpectedly, he was diagnosed with Brain Abscess.

Brain abscess mostly happens to people with weak immune systems. This potentially life-threatening condition is a result of fungi or bacterial infection that reaches the brain which causes it to swell. Brain abscess is a serious medical condition and it requires a longer hospital stay for proper observations.

Charles’ situation was out of the blue. He wasn’t prepared for any of it. He was confined in the hospital for three weeks now for more monitoring and treatment. His condition needs surgery and swift treatment to avoid brain damage and fatal results. Despite this difficult time in his life, Charles reminds us to always take care of ourselves and not become complacent with our health. He also said that by taking care of ourselves, we also get to take care of our loved ones.

Charles’s situation opens up our hearts to many realizations. Charles also highlighted that amidst the trying times, all we need is compassion, kindness, and faith. As a frontline, he also reminded people to appreciate their undying service for the sick especially during this time of pandemic wherein their health is always at risk. He reminded us to always be compassionate and be more understanding of the people around us since we all struggle differently.

His three weeks’ stay in the hospital made him realize so many things. His tragic past made him stronger and even better, he even found the strength to forgive his father though not completely but surely, he’ll get there. His current situation made him realize that the only people who are going to stand by you in the darkest nights will be your family. They will give you the strength that you will be needing to keep going and to fight for dear life. He also said that it is very important to surround yourself with good people who will support you when you need it the most.

Charles was so scared of the possibilities of what could happen the next day, he was very scared and helpless and he just wants to live his normal life again. He said that to overcome the anxiety and fear of the what if’s, he just lived with his faith every single day. He said that no matter how rough the road may seem, we must always hold on and keep on fighting. Our faith and trust in the Almighty matter the most.

Charles concluded that there is always hope, and as long as our hearts continue to beat, we should keep going and never give up. As a way of thanking Charles for his dear life and giving him more time to inspire people, we are knocking on your kind hearts to help him pay for his medical expenses that have already reached $1000. Your financial assistance will surely bring hope and will help Charles spend more of his days with his family and loved ones.

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