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Business Owners Are Lying to You All Those Times, find out why.

'I want to start a business and be my own boss'. Lie.

People (if not everyone) have this perception of becoming an entrepreneur or having your own business is a life of freedom, fun, luxury, and butterflies. Hold your horses darling, that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Well, if you can consider working 24/7, no holidays and no christmas bonus as 'freedom', I might agree that becoming an entrepreneur equals freedom.

Yes, that's the truth. You have the freedom to work at any time of the day, but I don't think that would happen for the first year of your business if you would want to be successful. (In fact, even a 5-year old business can still be thriving).

'Entrepreneurs are their own boss'. Lie again. Entrepreneurs cannot be the boss. They need to stand up as both a leader and a follower. If you bootsrapped your business from scratch you know exactly what it feels like to work your as**s to convert sales. No one's going to love your business more than you do. You'll value your people (every single one of them) because you've gone through all the things they do. I don't think you'll be able to hit high sales + high employee retention if you boss around like you own them.

'Entrepreneurs can happily replace employee anytime. Lies. Of course you can, you're the boss. But do you really think Entrepreneurs doesn't have feelings? Oh yeah, they're human too. My first rejection to an application took me a week to move on. My first employee who said goodbye is still in my heart until now. Entrepreneurship is sad. People come and go, and you can't stop that specially if you're still a startup. You will have to be happy that your employee is leaving because she's chasing a better future, (unfortunately, that's not with you). And it's okay. You will have to pivot all the time. If you don't you'll be stuck.

Business owners are rich. Lies. Not everyone. While you can make more money in entrepreneurship but it doesn't happen overnight. Ah, how I wish it's overnight. The wake up like this only happens on IG my friends. It comes with so much responsibilities that you'd feel guilty and troubled to slack off and be relax. Every single one of your employees are your responsibility. You no longer work for yourself, but for the people that relies on you. And oh! While everybody is enjoying the mid and end year bonuses and incentives, those are not the same for you.

Entrepreneurship is not for everybody. It takes courage and bravery. Everyday is a risk. Your business may fall at any moment. It comes with many sacrifices, risks, and pressures. If you're an entrepreneur and you're reading this right now, especially for startups, I feel you. Becoming an entrepreneur is a gift. And there's no other way but to step forward. Entrepreneurs don't back down from problems, we love challenges and finding a better solutions to it.

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