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Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon — Manolo Fortich is celebrating Banog Banog Festival this year and it is truly exciting more than ever! After years of not being able to celebrate, here we are again with even better and surprising events only for you!

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The highlights of the Banog Banog Aerial, Art, Music and Food Festival 2022 will take place this April 29th until May 1st, 2022 at the PROVINCIAL ECONOMIC ZONE (formerly BRCI), this is celebrated to pay homage to the Philippine Eagle. The highlights include Hot Air Balloon, Kite Flying, and Drone Race. The event will also be graced by bands like Urbandub, Ron Poe, Komunidad sa Kanto, Shades of Native, and other local artists and DJs!

The very exciting part here is that BUDZ Cafe will join the said event!

There is no better way to celebrate festivals than by eating good food! And BUDZ Cafe can guarantee you that.

Budz Cafe is the newest local coffee shop located in PCH1 Entrance, Damilag, Manolo Fortich Bukidnon. This local cafe has been serving the people of Bukidnon good food and coffee. Not just that, they also support other local businessmen by using local coffee beans and other local products.

As part of showing their support and showcasing their goods, Budz Cafe will be joining the Banog Banog Festival. If you are planning to enjoy the festival, you will also surely enjoy their coffee and food. These will be some of the goodies available during the event:

This year, celebrate the BANOG BANOG festival with some equally colorful mocktails. Today we have some unmissable multi-colored mocktails for pepping up the Banog Banog 2022 celebration.

You will not only enjoy the music and other festivities, but you will also be able to enjoy GREAT FOOD, such as that served at Budz!

Their BEST-SELLING Chocolate Mocha with marshmallows on top!

They also serve oreo-matcha cookie frappuccino that you will surely enjoy!

Don't miss out on their best-selling pizza. Its freshly made dough makes it even more special! This one is a must-try!

Bud'z Pizza is the Perfect Fuel. Remember: Good Food = Good Mood

TAKE PART at the Banog Banog Festival and don't forget to put on top of your list the booth of Budz Cafe! You will surely not regret it. You'll get to enjoy the best of both worlds: GOOD MUSIC & GOOD FOOD! We'll see you there!

Don’t forget to follow the safety protocols, wear a mask and practice safe distancing!

If you also want the actual experience with Budz Cafe, you can visit them here:

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