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A Must-Try Affordable Coffee Shop in Bukidnon You Probably Haven't Heard of

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

As a coffee lover, I have always loved the idea of strolling around local coffee shops and sipping a good cup of coffee. While others go for the ambiance, I go for the real thing– coffee.

One of the reasons we don't want to spend time in a coffee shop is because it is too pricey and sometimes we even get intimated by the ambiance of the place! But thankfully I found this really good spot somewhere in Bukidnon. I wanted to share a wholesome experience that I had with a new local brewing shop in Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon. So if you are heading there any time soon, don’t miss out on this cozy and relaxing cafe!

Bud'z Café, located at Alae- Damilag Road PCH1, Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon was established in November 2021, owned by the couple Sarah and Edward Asok. The name Bud'z Café was inspired by their youngest daughter's nickname Buday.

What makes Bud'z Café's coffee delicious? It's in their beans! The cafe uses Arabica beans and it is the most sought-after type and is has dozens of sub-types. Arabica coffee is the one with more flavor, nuances, less acidity, and less bitterness. It's a very mellow and mild coffee. It's also got only half the caffeine of Robusta beans, but double the amount of natural sugars and fats, which help develop those flavors Arabica is famous for.

This is how they make their best-selling coffee!

Aside from its freshly brewed coffee, Bud’z Cafe also serves good food and homemade cheesecakes. One of their signature drink is mocktails that could really satisfy and quench your thirst. The cafe also makes you forget the hustles and bustles of city life. They also offer a variety of coffee that you can choose from and I would greatly recommend this Dark Chocolate Mocha from their Mocha Series which is one of my favorites!

It is made with espresso, full cream milk, and dark chocolate exclusively at PHP 99.00 only! It will certainly make you smile without paying the steep price tag that comes along with it.

Smell the aroma of good coffee with this one!

One of the reasons I love Bud'z Cafe so much is that it gives me homely tranquil vibes and is a perfect place to unwind. Their coffee can hold its own over that of the local market. What I like best about them is how kind and engaging their staff are!

Now you know why it's one of their best-sellers, it is made with local coffee-beans and exceptional syrups! You can also try other Mocha Drinks in their Mocha Series!

Dark Chocolate Mocha with Mallows on Top for only Php 99.00

I would also love to recommend this refreshing frappe! If you are a fan of matcha and oreo, this drink is made perfectly for you!

Oreo Matcha is another one of their house bestsellers! It's a well-blended mixture of oreo, matcha, dark chocolate, and full cream milk. You can enjoy this for only Php 149!!

This place surely offers you a great coffee and food experience! Aside from that, the place is very accessible and easy to find because it's just along the side of the road going to Dahilayan.

I would definitely come back here anytime soon! The price is really pocket-friendly, their food and coffee is superb, and the ambiance is really relaxing. This is a place I would highly recommend!

You can also check their menu below for more of their food offers!



For orders and delivery:

Bud’z Cafe also offers FREE DELIVERY for orders within Damilag - Phillips, Manolo Fortich with a minimum of 300Php single purchase receipt. You can send them a direct message on their facebook page or call/text them at 0917 591 2073.

Bud'z Café store hours:

Monday-Sunday 02:00-10:00 PM

Store Location:

Alae - Damilag Road PCH1, Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon

Facebook Page:

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