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BLACKPINK Dominating The World With "The Album"

The wait is finally over! Blackpink releases its first album for this year.

On October 2, 2020, Blackpink’s The Album was released with their single “Love Sick Girls”.

Video by: BLACKPINK/Youtube

2020 is definitely Blackpink’s year with their famous collaborations with Lady Gaga’s “Chromatica” album and Selena Gomez (Ice Cream) and Cardi B (Bet You Wanna) that was also featured in The Album. Blinks totally won this year!


Fans have been dying for this to happen since the past years the girls haven’t given the recognition they deserve and finally their hard work has paid off for breaking a lot of charts for The Album.

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The Album contains an eight tracklist that showcases the versatility of Blackpink in vocals and rapping. Jisoo and Jennie also take part in writing the lyrics of “Love Sick Girls”.

Blackpink also sets the record of over 1 Million pre-orders of The Album ever recorded for a K-pop girl group and surpasses 50 Million subscribers on Youtube as the first female act in history to achieve.

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