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Best Milk Tea & Cozy Experience I Ever Had in Bukidnon with Home Delivery Services!

I came across a milk tea shop just right in front of the new Damilag wet market along the highway. I was curious while being captivated by its minimalistic vibe, eye-catching, and mouth-watering flaming tea appearance. Hence the name itself, Flame Tea. Because only a few milk tea shops slay, I immediately ordered a familiar flavor, blueberry milk tea, added cream cheese, and some pearls.

My expectations were low. I did not expect a great milk tea experience in the middle of nowhere whilst in a not so popular location. But my oh my! I was astonished by its exquisite taste as it can compete amongst the most expensive and well-known teas in the city!

To my surprise, Flame Tea sells their milk teas like pancakes as they are widely known in the area and loved not only by its residents but also by travelers and tourists of Bukidnon.

And my favorite part was, they also offer door-to-door delivery in selected areas, which is so convenient in the midst of the pandemic.

Flame Tea is owned by a local chef, who started this business by selling to his close friends and neighbors. He started with three flavors; Dark Choco, Taro, and Ouji Matcha, and started selling online. Flame Tea's three flavors gradually became 4, 10, and now, 19 flavors! Because the positive feedback was overwhelming, he took a leap of faith and opened his first shop.

One of their house specialties is their signature homemade Black Sugar and Tiger Dot syrup, which is their bestseller today. On top of that, their deliciously chewy Pearls gets sold out every 3 hours, so they would cook another batch, which makes it fresh all the time.

After the success of its 1st branch in Damilag, Flame Tea is expanding to a bigger market and will be opening its doors to the residents of Manolo Fortich, where their second branch will soon be situated.

If you are looking for a great milk tea shop on your way to Dahilayan, or just looking for a new exquisite milk tea experience, whether you're stopping by or just grabbing a quick take out, I personally recommend heading to this shop.

You can also order online, so you can enjoy your Flame Tea in the comfort of your home whilst keeping your family safe during the pandemic.

For inquiries and deliveries, please click below.



Photography by: Japhia Zia Amor

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