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Basic Etiquettes to Follow During Video Calls or Online Conferences

As the world continually shifts to the new normal, almost everything now is done digitally—from work meetings to online classes (and even virtual weddings!). Whichever it is that you're doing, you need to deal with it in the most appropriate way possible.

Etiquettes in the digital world are the new normal. It is now considered essential and it should be part of the daily zoom meetings and any other video conferences that you are engaging yourself with. Below are some of the few basic etiquettes that you can practice that will surely make a significant difference in your video calls!

Run a test on your device or gadget

Before anything else, it is important to secure if your gadget is working or not. This is the best thing to do beforehand. By doing this, you can secure your internet speed, you can check if your microphone is working, or will it mess up the audio conversation? You can also do a battery check to avoid your gadget from shutting down while in the middle of an important meeting. These things might be little, but they will surely save you from any interruptions and possible disarrays.

Mute your microphone if the host tells you to do so and only unmute it when you are asked to speak

Always make sure that as you turn on your virtual meetings, you also get to turn on the mute button. You wouldn't want your barking dog or your neighbor's chicken cackle to interrupt any of your meetings, right?

Also, do not forget to unmute yourself when you are to say something. You might just waste your time thinking you are heard when all the time you were just on mute!

Having a tranquil and noise-free background

Who would ever want a loud and rumpled background, right? A pile of laundry, unarranged chairs, and other irrelevant things. When doing video calls, it is very important to check your space and make sure that it doesn't look messy at all. This will make you feel at ease, and at the same time, the people involved in the call won't be distracted by a disorganized background.

Avoid eating your pasta or lasagna for a minute or so

It wouldn't hurt to just pause your eating or munching for a bit, your doughnut can wait anyway. This maintains equilibrium between the zoom participants, and it also pays them respect!

Wear appropriate clothing

The way you dress matters! You don't have to be in a tuxedo or a silky formal dress, you just have to be presentable and look clean as much as possible. You can just put on a hair tie, a spruce shirt, and pants. At least, for the record, you will look clean and presentable!

Assume that you are on camera (and being observed all the time)

Lastly, always assume that you are on camera, that way, you will not be humiliated since you are fully aware of the what-nots. You will also be mindful of the things you say and do. There are also moments that we get to spill unnecessary and foul words in which we cannot take back. So better yet assume that you are on cam and you're safe!

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