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Artificial Intelligence Performs Tattoo on a Woman

Photo credits: Pinterest


Getting inked on your skin is a lifetime choice. Tattoos have become part of a culture, tradition, and have grown to become an art in the present times. Tattoos remain forever which is why it is better to plan ahead and think a million times before getting one. Are you brave enough to have yours done by a robot instead of a human?

A Dutch actress, Stijn Fransen was brave enough to let a robot do her tattoo. The actress received a tattoo from a robotic arm that was controlled by an artist that's far away from her.

The said momentous event took place in conjunction with a network provider T-Mobile in the Netherlands and it was said to be a demonstration of their 5G network that was also used to take control of the whole tattooing process.

Before the undertaking, the robotic arm was tested several times on different mediums just to make sure that it will be good enough and ready for a real human arm. The needle was also equipped with a sensor that prevents the needle from going deeply on the skin and avoid creating horrible accidents.

The said equipment was also practiced on a mannequin for the cameras. Thomas, the artist, began "tattooing" a mannequin arm, and his movements were fed directly to the robotic arm that then created the tattoo on the actress.

The tattoo was considered a minimalist and it was placed on Fransen's forearm. Despite it being minimalist, the tattoo has been a big success in remote robotics. It allows people to do more and become capable of the impossible as long as the calibration of it is correct and on point.

You might want to give this a try!


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