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Archdiocese of Manila Reminded Catholics Not To Keep Urns At Home

Photo credits: iStockphoto

In 2016 the Vatican forbid the Catholics not to keep the ashes of the cremated loved ones at home, scatter them, divide them into any family members, or to turn them into mementos. 

After the increasing numbers of cremation due to the ongoing pandemic, Manila Bishop Broderick Pabillo reminded again the Catholic faiths not to keep urns at home but to keep them to sacred places or the cemeteries for it will bring danger and the remains might be desecrated in the future. This will also give relatives a chance to visit their remains. 

And as the All Souls Day approaches and Covid 19 is still lingering around, it is much easier to visit the cemeteries earlier since it won’t be open to the public and offer our prayers to the dead at home for the safety of the family and society. 

The Manila Archdiocese will conduct a rite of blessing for the dead for Covid fatalities every Sunday until Nov. 8. The family may bring the urn and picture of their beloved and will celebrate liturgical blessings for them.


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