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8-Year Old Filipino Kid spends PHP100,000 on mobile games using parents’ debit card

Photo by Julmar Grace Locsin/ Facebook

Julmar Grace Locsin, an entrepreneur from Davao city posted on Facebook about her son Tice Locsin’s huge mistake. Her son unintentionally bought video games worth PHP100,000 using their debit card earlier this month.

Surprising isn’t it?

In a Facebook post, she said that it was on January 6 when she discovered from her bank statements that Tice bought 58 video games from the Google Play store using her husband’s cellphone.

Julmar also wrote on her post that went viral, “Hubby’s account is connected with Google Play because we sometimes rent good movies on YouTube. Hubby’s old phone with the Google Play app was handed to Tice last Christmas”.

After finding out about the purchase, Julmar asked her son why he bought so many mobile games.

The child explained that he thought all the upgrades and downloads are free. Tice was then spanked by his parents as a consequence of the unintentional purchase.

Julmar also added in her post, “He cried a lot after we talked about it and forgave him. He was very sorry (and was too cute with those irresistible eyes). We explained that they are worth more than all the money in the world but following the rules is also a good life skill to abide by”.

Julmar stated that she has already filed a claim to get a refund from Google but she has yet to receive any amount from the tech company.


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