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300,000 Recycled Condoms Being Sold In Vietnam

Authorities had busted more than 300,00 condoms in a warehouse in Vietnam. 

On September 19, 2020, a warehouse in southern Binh Duong province was raided for recycling condoms and being sold again. 

Photo Credits: Google Images

The police arrested Phan Thi Tanh Ngoc, who allegedly cleaned the said condoms by boiling, drying, and reshaping it by wooden dildo.

Photo Credits: Google Images

The woman claims that she received a monthly delivery from an unknown person and had been paid for 17 cents every two pounds she recycled and had it sold in nearby hotels and market stalls. 

Photo Credits: Google Images

Police have found over 324,000 condoms equivalent to 360 kilos and were confiscated for further investigation.


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