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14 Ways To Spend Christmas 2020 While Keeping Your Family Safe

Christmas is coming, and people are looking out for the best ideas to celebrate a different Christmas this year due to the Covid-19 situation. Worry not! We got you covered.

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We have compiled these 14 ways on you could still spend the most wonderful time of the year -- yet still keeping your families safe.

1. Mailing Homemade Cookies to Loved Ones

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Yes, why not! Anyways, who doesn’t love opening surprise packages, right? So grab that special cookie recipe of yours and hit the groceries.

2. Santa At Home

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Surely, kids are still not allowed to visit places where Santa used to hangout. So why not dress like one! Plus, your kids won’t wait in long lines to get a picture, they can have unlimited shots in a dozen angles! Say cheese!

3. Outdoor Coffee Party

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Simply bring out your chairs and cozy blankets, lit some bonfire for a warmer ambiance. Oh, don’t forget the family’s favorite story.

4. Christmas Movies Marathon

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The best magical movies always come out every Christmas, and we know you love them too. As a bonus, your sofa saves you from expensive movie tickets. Pop some corns for an extra cinematic experience.

5. Be A Secret Santa

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Spending Christmas doesn’t mean you can’t give away gifts, of course, you still can with the help of the maiSimplylman! mail gifts to your loved once but with a twist, don’t let them know it’s from you. A secret Santa indeed.

6. Opening Gifts Together Via Video Chat

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Now Zoom and Facebook Messenger will be a big help here. Set them up with your loved ones and open presents together. By that, you would still see and feel their excitement while opening special presents.

7. Have A Special Breakfast With Your Family

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Now, this is another classic. Nothing could beat a good breakfast after a night of fun.

8. Liven Up Your Homes with Light Display

Photo Credits: Taste of Home

Well yes, everyone is doing it everywhere, but why not set up a theme for this year to spice up your lights display. Go on, you’ll need an extra meter of lights for that brilliant idea you just imagined.

9. A Virtual Gingerbread House Competition

Photo Credits: Taste of Home

Invite other families and host this fun activity. I’m sure they’ll love to accept your challenge.

10. Christmas Decor Exchange

Photo Credits: Taste of Home

Aside from the gifts, you can also have a fun Christmas decor exchange with your friends and family. You’ll need Mr. Mailman again for this.

11. Handmade Christmas Cards

Photo Credits: Taste of Home

Because of the modern technology, yes, people can send greetings via digital cards, emails, and text messages on Christmas. Still, nothing could beat handwritten cards with handpainted designs. They’re more special since you know the person who sent them spent hours creating and writing it for you. Now, time to take out the paints and brushes!

12. Nothing Beats The Ugly Sweater Party- Virtually

Photo Credits: Taste of Home

Yes, nobody on Christmas escapes the ugly sweater so why not host a Zoom party with your friends and family for it.

13. Ice Skating

Photo Credits: Taste of Home

There are still places which are not full of people and you can do this there. Just don’t forget to bring your sanitizers and if there are also other people, always practice social distancing.

14. Donate Anything You Can

Photo Credits: Taste of Home

With everything that has happened recently, especially in the Philippines, someone needs the stuff you need no more. So why not bring those things out, pack them, and bring them to your locals. By doing this, you did not only got free of your excess stuff that caused clutter, but you also helped someone in need and that’s the best feeling ever.

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