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With his excellent background on innovating systems and engineering from successful manufacturing industry, Edward paved his way in a space where his 101 ideas and multi-passionate self is best cateredentrepreneurship.

Driven by his heart to help the community from the unfortunate effect of the COVID-19 pandemic, out of nothing (without any background about the business world) he took the leap of faith and open AVCreativity Studio to give jobs to those individuals who loses their livelihood amidst the pandemic.

Edward took an extra mile by giving up his 9-5 corporate job, breathed in the challenge of co-founding a digital marketing company and partnered with the Public Employment Service (PESO) and Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) aiming to give jobs to the Out of School Youths (OSY).

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Apart from becoming the man behind the brilliant strategies and vision of the company, Edward is a family man. His a hands-on father to his three(3) adorable children. To him, family comes next after God. Family-time is very important to him, thus making it on the top of his list of guilty pleasure.

Entrepreneurship gives him the perfect opportunity to learn more, execute his ideas, whilst spending his precious time as a present father and husband.

Six months after founding the AVC Studio, with the help of the entire team, the company made it to closing a MOA with the government, launched countless of podcast shows, promoted local destinations, provide source of news and produced thousands of episodes.

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